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Service Calls

To schedule a service call, call 919-776-8341 or email service@jgmachinery.com. All calls will be made as soon as possible, subject to prior commitments and scheduling backlog. Priority is given to customers who purchased their machine from J & G Machinery.

Normal hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, travel included. Time worked before or after these hours will be billed at time and one-half the normal rates above.

All traveling and living expenses (airfare, lodging, parking fees, tolls, ground transportation, meals, and miscellaneous expenses) are additional and will be billed at cost.

TERMS: Due upon completion of work.

Services Available

Level 1

Service pertaining to less sophisticated, non-computerized woodworking machinery.

Example: (Table Saws, Planers, Bandsaws, Etc.)

Level 2

Service of sophisticated, often computer-controlled, woodworking machinery.

Example: (Panel Saws, Edge Banders, CNC Equipment, Wide Belt Sanders, Etc.)

Any questions regarding "Level of Service" should be discussed with the Service Department prior to scheduling.

Note: Service travel times and mileage are from Sanford or Dallas in North Carolina, Inman in South Carolina, Cleveland in Tennessee or THE LAST JOB SITE. Technicians are scheduled according to their area of specialty, not their geographic location. We will do our best to reduce cost related to travel time if at all possible and if scheduling permits.

Service Rates


Travel Time
$65.00 Per Hour

Mileage Charge
$0.60 per mile

Level 1, In-Plant Time
$90.00 Per Hour

Level 2, In-Plant Time
$120.00 Per Hour

Shop Rate, J & G Shop
$90.00 Per Hour


Double Applicable Rate


2 Hour, Applicable Rate

Member WMIA UWME Member

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