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Service Calls

To schedule a service call, call 919-776-8341 or email service@jgmachinery.com. All calls will be made as soon as possible, subject to prior commitments and scheduling backlog. Priority is given to customers who purchased their machine from J & G Machinery.

Normal hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, travel included. Time worked before or after these hours will be billed at time and one-half the normal rates above.

All traveling and living expenses (airfare, lodging, parking fees, tolls, ground transportation, meals, and miscellaneous expenses) are additional and will be billed at cost.

TERMS: Due upon completion of work.

Services Available

Level 1

Service pertaining to less sophisticated, non-computerized woodworking machinery.

Example: (Table Saws, Planers, Bandsaws, Etc.)

Level 2

Service of sophisticated, often computer-controlled, woodworking machinery.

Example: (Panel Saws, Edge Banders, CNC Equipment, Wide Belt Sanders, Etc.)

Any questions regarding "Level of Service" should be discussed with the Service Department prior to scheduling.

Note: Service travel times are from Apex, Denton, Sanford or the last job site, depending on the level of service and/or technician available for the particular job. We will do our best to reduce costs related to travel time, lodging and meals.

Service Rates


Travel Time
$60.00 Per Hour

Mileage Charge
.50 cent per mile

Level 1, In-Plant Time
$90.00 Per Hour

Level 2, In-Plant Time
$100.00 Per Hour

Shop Rate, J & G Shop
$90.00 Per Hour


Double Applicable Rate


2 Hour, Applicable Rate

Member WMIA UWME Member

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