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  • Proven & Tested by Kitchen Manufacturers
  • Dual vacuum table handles demanding workloads of up to 500 panels per shift smoothly and efficiently.
  • Six-axis robot arm: Replicates human arm and compensates for variations, ensuring perfect and consistent sanding quality, superior to human results.
  • Built-in Neural Engine performs every sanding task autonomously on various panels and frames without fixtures or additional setup.
  • Designed to make a difference, it does the heavy lifting to improve the working conditions of the people working alongside it.
  • Simple, safe, and robust: Anyone can operate it. No specialized staff or training is required.
  • Small footprint and mobile: Make installation easy without stopping your production
  • Fast Return on investment, yet a durable machine built to last with minimal maintenance.
  • Built to collaborate with humans
  • The robotic sander is safe to work alongside with humans, so it will do the bulk of the sanding and multiply the effectiveness of his human teammate. Empower and retain your employees by equipping them with a Sanding Panel Assistant today.
  • Small footprint. Large Capacity.
  • This robotic sander compact cell fits on any factory floor. The 80 x 36 inches vacuum tables can support many panels at once or even doors.
  • Fast Payback
  • Your team can manage loading and unloading with ease while your robotic sander never misses a beat. The Panel Sanding Assistant typically pays for itself within a year and be running for decades, making it an excellent investment.


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Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights do not include crates or packaging. We measure and weigh each machine and/or crate prior to shipping and will be happy to provide this information to you upon request.

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