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The Velox 1300 is a numerically controlled machine to drill, glue and insert dowels on horizontal pieces with TWO loading zones with a cycle time of one second for each bore, glue and dowel insertion when holes are on 32 mm intervals
  • The machine is equipped with a Touch Screen Control for writing and storing programs and is programmable in the X axis and equipped with a brushless motor, ball nut and ball screw for quick positioning
  • The movement of the carriage is on linear rails with square guides
  • A laser sensor automatically measures width of panel and calculates the position and number of dowels based on a program file
  • Program can be modified from the list with variables
  • X axis working area: 51"
  • Y axis (manual depth setting) working stroke: 1.57"
  • Z axis (manual vertical setting) stroke: 1.57"
  • Carriage travel speed is 163.5 FPM
  • (1) 1 HP horizontal drilling unit
  • Maximum depth of holes is 30 mm (1.18")
  • Maximum diameter of the drill is 10 mm (3/8")
  • OMAL "SURE SHOT" revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time
  • (1) Dowel insertion unit with 8 mm diameter dowel capacity
  • Standard dowel dimension is 8 mm x 35 mm
  • Maximum dowel length is 40 mm
  • Maximum dowel projection is 14 mm
  • Vibratory hopper
  • 2 position revolver for loading dowels
  • 2.11 gallon glue tank
  • 2.11 gallon water tank
  • Electronic control of glue amount programmable
  • 1300 mm (51") max. width of pieces
  • Height of pieces 10 mm (.39") to 40 mm (1.57")
  • (4) pneumatic hold down clamps
  • Graphics programming 2D 1/2 with simultaneous working display
  • Automatic left and right program
  • Parametric programming
  • Graphical aids
  • Internal self-diagnosis, historical report of alarms
  • Centralized manual lubrication for all linear bearings
  • Air Requirements: 7 bar (101 psi)
  • Machine weight: 2,204 lbs.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights do not include crates or packaging. We measure and weigh each machine and/or crate prior to shipping and will be happy to provide this information to you upon request.

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