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    Sanford, NC
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    220V, 3 Ph, 60 Cy
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  • Automatic single-sided edge bander for the application and gluing of edges with hot melt glue on straight panels, on the four panel sides and the finishing and rounding-off of the panel corners.
  • Main frame made of bended and welded steel plates. Highly stiff and vibration-free structure. Openings with shoots for the removal of chips to the floor that are not collected by the dust extraction.
  • Top steel presser complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels mounted on bearings. Cover for wheel protection. Automatic lifting of presser from machine control.
  • Panel infeed area consisting of a support table and lateral guide for a correct panel insertion.
  • Light-signaling device positioned on the machine infeed side indicating the correct distance of panel insertion and the operating status of the machine, by different colors.
  • Top working units fixed on the presser, while bottom working units fixed to the horizontal beam for a precise reference with respect to the panel.
  • All frequency motors are equipped with inverter
  • Equipped with Air Cushion Table at machine entry
  • Feed speed: 12 m/min (39.3 FPM)
  • 8 to 60 mm panel thickness
  • 0.3 to 6 mm edgebanding thickness
  • Panel distance 600 mm (without rounding) 650 mm (with rounding)
  • Minimum panel length: 140 mm
  • Minimum coiled edge length: 180 mm
  • Minimum strip length: 220 mm
  • "AAR" Anti-adhesive unit to prevent glue stickingto the upper and lower panel surfaces
  • "RT-V1" Pre-milling unit complete with (2) high frequency motors
  • "VC-VM" Gluing unit carries out the automatic gluing of edges in coils and strips
  • "SGP-E" Glue pot allows for quick changeover of the glue type and color.  Anti-adherent treatment for both EVA and PUR glue
  • Edge pressure unit consisting of one large powered with clutch roller and two idle rollers
  • "K-2 Radius" End trimming unit consisting of two high frequency motors with automatic positioning for three cutting modes: straight, chamfered, and "radius"
  • "R-HP Multiedge 1R" Top and bottom trimming unit with up to 20 degree tilting
  • "Round 2-A Multiedge R1" Corner rounding unit carries out the rounding of straight or shaped angles and the chamfering of the upper and lower panel side
  • "RAS-HP Multiedge 2R" Edge scraping unit to eliminate the presence of notches left from the tools during chamfering in the plastic edges
  • "RC-N" Glue scraping unit to eliminate any excess glue in the joint
  • "SP-V" Brushing unit for cleaning and polishing of the edge
  • "Eye-S" Console with 15" color touchscreen display
  • Communicates with the machine via the "Maestro Active Edge" human-machine interface
  • Single-program processing that can be recalled from the archive manually or by barcode reader
  • Reporting system: Maestro Active Edge can provide reports regarding production, alarms, events, and maintenance
  • Diagnosis system that detects and displays alarms and warnings
  • Full setup of machine from the controller
  • "Maestro Connect" basic setup included

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights do not include crates or packaging. We measure and weigh each machine and/or crate prior to shipping and will be happy to provide this information to you upon request.

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