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230V, 3 Ph, 60 Cy

Sanford, NC


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Automatic single sided edgebander designed to be used for edgebanding straight vertical profiles with coiled material (veneer and PVC) and with strips (high-pressure laminate and solid wood) with a maximum thickness of 8 mm.
The machine base is made of a tubular steel structure and is designed to assure maximum stability and accuracy.
All operating units raise and lower simultaneously when the pressure beam is adjusted. No adjustment is required for the glue roller when changing panel thickness. The pressure beam has two rows of staggered pressure rollers with steel bearings.
  • 0.4 to 6 mm Edgebanding thickness capacity
  • 3 mm Guillotine capacity
  • 3/8" to 2-1/8" Panel thickness capacity
  • 5-1/2" Minimum panel length
  • 2-3/8" Minumum Panel width
  • 20" Minimum distance between panels
  • Feed speed: 36 FPM
  • Equipped with the Maestro Pro Edge controlle with a large 21" industrial multi-touch screen.
  • Anti-adhesive unit positioned prior to the premilling unit
  • Infeed Fence is manually adjustable with pneumatic positioning of in and out movement
  • SGP-E Glue Pot with quick heat up time due to the small glue pot. Reverse rotation of the glue roller for the application of solid wood. Double Thermo Regulation for easy use of both EVA and PUR glue. Color change and glue pot cleaning are able to be completed in minutes, as opposed to hours.
  • Automatic strip feed magazine
  •  Air cushion table located at machine infeed to help facilitate the loading of panels, especially panels of large dimensions. It includes the extension of the machine entry infeed fence. It is not possible to have the narrow feed option on the machine. Table dimensions are 1,600mm x 600mm.
  • RT-V Pre-milling station with (2) 2 HP high frequency motors with jumping action controlled through the PLC
  • 3-Roll pressure section (1 large driven roller, 2 idle rollers)
  • (2) 0.25 HP motors for end trim with pneumatic tilt
  • R-HP Multi-Edge trimming station composed of (2) independent 0.7 HP motors. Standard with servo positioning to process TWO different radii and infinite thin edges all through the controller
  • Corner Rounding unit with 0.5 HP motor, designed to carry out the rounding of edges on 3mm material.  Comes standard with a diamond cutterhead.
  • Profile scraping station with pneumatic positioning
  • Glue scraping station with pneumatic positioning
  • (2) 0.25 HP top and bottom buffing, tiltable 0 to 12 degrees
  • Acoustical safety enclosure
  • Air requirements: 90 PSI
  • Dust Extraction: Machine comes with two 3" ports for the premilling station, two 2" ports for the top and bottom trim station and one 3" port for the 3mm collection bin for extraction. Recommend a dust collector with a 3,000 CFM rating.  
  • Crated Weight: 3,876 lbs. (This machine has 2 crates. One for the machine and one for the air table)