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Why is it better to buy through a Dealer versus direct from an Importer or Manufacturer?


Some people think that buying directly from the big German and Italian importers is better than purchasing through a dealer.  However, there are several factors that actually prove it is much better to buy through an experienced dealer with a full staff of experienced technicians, parts advisors and support staff like J & G Machinery.  

1.  A dealer has your best interest at heart.  A dealer has to form a realationship with the customer and continue to call on that customer for a lifetime.  

2.  When buying direct from an importer, once the sale is over, you are pretty much on your own.  A dealer supports the customer when there is an issue, working with the customer and the importer or manufacturer to resolve the issue.  

3.  The dealer has technicians to support the factory technicians.  So there are 2 levels of support.

4.  The dealer is able to offer the best solution for the customer - not always just one brand of product.  

5.  Dealer salesmen are more engaged with their customers, trying to not only provide solutions to improve the bottom line of their customer, but to be there whenever there is an issue to solve.  There is trust and comradery formed.  

6.  The big manfactureres and importers like to tell the customer they are saving money, which is the biggest myth, unless their salesmen are working for free!  

Service is a big consideration when purchasing equipment.  So buy from a dealer that has been in business for at least 10 years or more, has a full support staff and that you know will support you when there is a problem.  There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a machine only to find out that the big sales pitch they put on you was just a bunch of, for lack of better term, crap.  




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