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The HBD 1300 1H is an Open Frame CNC machine to drill, glue and insert dowels with a 1300mm (51") working field. The center and side fences are retractable in order to process up to an 8' length piece in two cycles. With the OMAL "Sure Shot" revolver system the cycle time of drill, glue, and dowel insertion is approximately ONE second when holes are on 32 mm intervals. The OMAL revolver system guarantees glue and a dowel is inserted every time!
  • OMAL utilizes Wood System by TPA as the software interface for the machine. The user-friendly software makes the machine extremely versatile. The machine is equipped with a full PC interface used for writing and storing programs. Programs can be written parametrically, can include IF/THEN conditional statements, and are generated using graphical icons (drill, glue, dowel check boxes)
  • The machine is equipped standard with a single drill and piggyback glue and dowel insertion unit with standard set up for 8mm dowels. The selection of the loading zone (left, left center, right center, or right) is executed by CNC. Open Frame configuration with central and side references excludable for large panels. This means that you can process up to an 8' panel using alternate referencing.
  • Dowel vibrating bowl with a capacity of 2000 dowels
  • Includes (2) 8 liter tanks for glue and water
  • Equipped with (4) large robust hold down clamps
  • Cycle time of approximately 1-second for each bore, glue, and dowel insertion
  • (4) Loading zones
  • Standard dowel dimension: 8 mm x 35 mm
  • Fiber optic sensor for dowel presence
  • Net machine weight: 2,645 Lbs.
  • DataLogic Barcode Scanner


The Omal HBD 1300 has an auto transformer for 230 or 460V.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights do not include crates or packaging. We measure and weigh each machine and/or crate prior to shipping and will be happy to provide this information to you upon request.

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